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An ancient curse has awakened. Its darkness spreading across the world.

A radiant tower appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens.

Brave souls gather, drawn together by fate, by determination, by vengeance.

The old ways will be cast aside. A New Theory will be born.

 Sacred Earth - New Theory is a visual novel/RPG experience set within a sprawling, ancient tower that defies common sense. Heroes, villains, and those in between come together all for their own reasons. New Theory promises to improve upon familiar mechanics and presentation to create an experience all its own.


· Multiple difficulty modes to allow casual players and thrill seekers alike to find just the right challenge for them. 

· Tactical, fast-paced combat: The combat of Sacred Earth - Promise returns with new additions. Link with your allies and pull off support attacks to topple enemies.

- Go head to head against fearsome Champion monsters. Are you up for the challenge?

 - The board game style Symbol Maps return with beefed up features and presentation. See enemy groups before you fight them. Contend with traps using your stats. Use TP to reroll bad traps and encounters. Flip switches and find keys directly on the map. 

- HD visual novel presentation and a new art style with more dynamic scene setups.

Tips and Notes

· As this is a prototype, there are some lingering bugs. Mostly in the menus. The biggest being that changing your gem setup will cause the character's face to disappear. This will be addressed.

- Use your buffs and debuffs. No really, use them. They will save your life.

- Characters do not have expressions yet. This will be worked on.

- Combat balance may be  somewhat off. Especially on harder modes. Feedback on this will be accepted gratefully.

- Getting to Rank 5 will make your life a touch easier for both bosses present in the demo.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing


Sacred Earth - New Theory IGMC v1.3.rar 139 MB


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Hi Mirage :)

Interesting story with good characters and everything ❤️❤️

A great demo ❤️